This page is meant for the Brownsea staff. Attendance is required for ALL developments. Any exceptions MUST be approved in advance by NYLT SPL and NYLT Scoutmaster. We are pretty reasonable!

Why Staff ?

You completed the NYLT course and are thinking about coming back to join the staff for the next course. Your parents are asking why and maybe you are not quite sure why.

As a staff member of the premier youth leadership course in the country, you will not just learn the course material, you will LIVE IT ! The Staff members call this the NYLT 2.0 experience.

During the five course developments and setup week you will be challenged and you will learn to do things you didn't think were possible before you completed the NYLT course. You will learn what it takes to organize the NYLT course and to give presentations to patrol size groups and possibly larger as a Troop Guide, or you could be involved in the logistics side of the course as a Quartermaster. Most scouts who participate as a staff member once, continue to participate for the rest of their scouting careers. There is a reason for this and I challenge you to come and join us for the experience.

Staff Interview Day

!!! Changed on October 30, 2014 !!!

December 13th 2014
Ashley Lodge Gate Conference Room at Echokotee,
9:00am to 4:00pm

If you are interested in being a part of the Staff for this event, Please Contact the SPL, Rachel House, before attending this event.



All staff must complete "Youth Protection" training for both Scouting and Venturing (Available Online Here) and "The Trainer's Edge" (included during staff Development #1) before the course week. If you miss the Trainer's EDGE Development weekend, you must schedule to take the course on your own.


All staff are held to Boy Scouts of America, Venture Crew, and NYLT uniform standards. Full, standard-issue Activity or Field Uniforms will always be worn.

Field Uniform ('Class A'):

Activity Uniform ('Class B'):

Any exceptions will be clearly explained in advance.

Get Your Staff Application here.